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    Fish Farming: Harvesting the Gold Underwater

    For many, aquaculture (or fish farming as it has come to be commonly known), is a very risky business and also, involves a lot of technicalities. While this is a safe assumption to make and hence stay away from the business, it might help to reason the fact that no business is by nature, not risky, and aquaculture just follows the same trend. Most people that also complain of the risks associated with investing in a fish farm have also failed on their own part to get the technical know-how that is required to successfully own and manage one of these and in the end, just resort to the simple answer of it being an uphill task. Through this thinking, a lot of investors have lost a lot of money which could have been seen in yields on the business. Just imagine the amount of households that consume fish on a daily, and then imagine yourself supplying crates after crates of these fish to the various fish markets so as to meet consumer needs. By the time you would have deducted the operating costs from the cash at hand, you would be really smiling to the bank.

    However, taking baby steps, what does it take to invest in this lucrative branch of agriculture before we start thinking about the millions to be made? Capital

    The first thing you would need to consider when launching into any business is the capital you have at hand, the budget you are planning to work with and on what scale you want your fish farm to be seen. You could go for a commercial large scale, middle scale or even start as a small scale fish farming enterprise and work your way to the top. The operating costs you would incur in the fish farming business includes purchases to be made on fingerlings, feed, chemicals and medicine to be used for your fishes. You would also need to consider the payments of water bills, electricity bills, rent on land you are making use of, taxes and wages for labour employed. Start from here and draw up a budget for yourself to see what scale you fall under. Pond construction.

    So you have successfully sourced capital needed and you have gotten a land also. What’s next is the construction of the pond(s) where your fishes would be kept and bred in. it is advised that you use an area of loamy clay soil to construct fish ponds as this best replicates their natural environment. There are various kinds of ponds to consider also with options including earthen ponds (digging the earth), concrete ponds (using concrete blocks to build a pond) and fibre ponds (use of fibre tanks). You should note the availability of fresh water supply, depth and proximity to power source before you embark on your construction. Introducing your fishes

    After successful construction of your ponds and getting it in the right order, you are now ready to start introducing your fishes into them for breeding. It is not compulsory but highly beneficial that you start your fish pond project with juvenile fishes instead of fingerlings. Also, lime the ponds before you start adding fishes. The purpose of the lime is too get rid of any bacteria that might be in the water. Make sure you do not cluster the fishes in one pond too. If you need to breed more fishes, create more ponds and give them space to breed freely.

    Basically, that is all you need do, but it is not as easy as it sounds although its reward is very promising. You would need to keep a constant eye on the behaviour of the fishes and feed them regularly also. A vet would be needed to come inspect them from time to time to ensure that they are in good health and you should not forget to change the water as at when due.

    Many agricultural experts advise that on start up, you have about three ponds so that you can separate the fishes according to size. This is because biggerfishes eat the smaller ones and this might spell doom for your business.

    Fish farming is currently one of the biggest investments out there now especially with fishes being one of the most consumed food items out there now and a highly recommended source of protein. That should be a big push enough to make you take this big step of faith and start making your money.

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