• 15 October, 2019
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  • 43-year old Nigerian money launderer, Kazeem Akinwale convicted In UK

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    Following a tip from Christie’s auction house, London-based Nigerian man who British authorities described as a “go-to money launderer for fraudsters all around the world” has been convicted.

    Kazeem Akinwale aka Ola Gapiano, was found guilty of fraud and possessing criminal property after he tried to fool a client of the auction house, the U.K.’s National Crime Agency said.

    The 43-year-old controlled bank accounts that processed more than £6 million pounds and took commissions of about £73,000, the agency said.

    In March 2016, authorities received a tip from Christie’s that hackers had tried to imitate an employee’s email address to divert a customer’s payment. The account was traced to Akinwale’s east London home a month later, where he was arrested.

    “Akinwale was a key player for organized criminals the world over,” Jamie Horncastle, an NCA officer, said in a press release. “Every serious and organized crime group relies on cash flow, so taking Akinwale out of action will disrupt very many criminal networks.”

    A laptop and two cellphones containing references to the laundering of fraudulent cash were seized from his home.